Julie Kester
Legal Practice
I am a licensed attorney whose practice focuses on family law and estate planning in southern New Mexico (Las Cruces in particular, but I travel to other communities when circumstances warrant). After several years of working on my own, I now happily work for Streeter Law Firm, LLC. You can learn more about SLF at www.streeterlawfirmnm.com.

My family law practice includes divorce, custody, and guardianships. My goal in family law matters is to obtain a fair resolution that all parties can stomach. If you're really mad at your ex (or soon-to-be ex) and want a bulldog who will fight every issue to the last breatch, I'm probably not a good fit. This does not mean that I won't zealously represent your interests—I will—but experience has taught me that when everyone fights just to fight, no one wins.

On the estate planning front, I focus on wills, trusts, and probate. My philosophy is pretty simple: the lawyer's role is to accomplish the client's goal with an eye toward avoiding unnecessary complexity. If you want a dynasty trust just so you can tell your friends you have a dynasty trust, I may not be your ideal adviser. However, I have plenty of experience with sophisticated estate planning techniques and am happy to discuss them when they are best for the situation.

If you have a New Mexico legal issue and would like to talk about it, please feel free to visit www.streeterlawfirmnm.com to request a consultation.

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