Julie Kester

Guardian ad Litem Practice

Guardian ad what? "Ad litem" is Latin for "of the suit", and a guardian ad litem or GAL is an attorney appointed by the court to represent the interests of a child or incapacitated adult in a legal case. These cases are usually custody disputes, child abuse and neglect cases, or guardianships, but can also involve personal injury settlements or any other action that affects the rights of someone unable to adequately represent his or her own interests.

I usually perform GAL work in custody disputes and adult guardianship appointments. In custody disputes, I am able to bring an unbiased view to an emotionally charged situation and ensure that the child's voice is heard. In adult guardianships, I protect the interests of the adult and make sure that his or her autonomy is not taken away unnecessarily. In all cases, my focus is on the best interests of the one I was appointed to represent.

If you think a GAL might be helpful in your situation, please discuss it with your attorney or contact me directly.

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