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Somewhere in between working a career and raising a family, I have managed to write and publish two books. Read on:

The Game

The Game is a story about figuring out who we are and why we're here. From the book cover:

Thirteen-year-old Julie Baldwin knows a lot about games--card games, board games, parlor games, you name it--but she's discovering that life itself is a game played by rules that completely baffle her. Ready to emerge from the cocoon of her traditional Midwestern family, she is beginning to wonder what her future will hold: Where will she fit in? What will people expect of her? What if she can't deliver?

Enter Jonah Tanner, a fifteen-year-old mixture of brash confidence and well-hidden pain. Still reeling from a family tragedy, Jonah is determined to play the game to the best of his ability without ever putting his heart at risk--that is, until a second family tragedy causes him to rethink his strategy.

Individually and together, Jonah and Julie must navigate a minefield of doubt, death, friendship, and betrayal, all to reach the realization that even though the game of life is often frustrating and ultimately unwinnable, it is still the best game around. 

Funny, insightful, and honest, The Game is an unflinching but optimistic glimpse into what it means to be human. 

I know it sounds like chick lit, but it's really not; perfectly manly men enjoy the book too. It's a sort of quiet, thoughtful story of how two fallible-but-well-intentioned kids turn into two fallible-but-well-intentioned adults. Jonah and Julie could be any one of us, which I think is why the book resonates with a wide range of people. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think.

Buy The Game at your local bookseller (any bookstore can order it if they don't carry it in stock) or online in paperback or Kindle ebook.

The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On is a fun, breezy book guaranteed to provide great escapism for the beach, a plane ride, or a holiday at the in-laws. The Dead Squad is a group of elite estate administrators who wrap up rich people's earthly affairs after they die. Unfortunately, occasionally one of those rich people dies under mysterious circumstances, and it's up to the Dead Squad to solve the mystery, bring the perpetrators to justice, and restore order to the universe. It's a tough job, but they're up to the task. They're also quirky (although no more quirky than the people they encounter), cynical, sarcastic, and often quite a handful for their manager.

From the cover:

Marvin Caldwell's death is the first assignment for Sarah McCall, the newest Dead Squad member. What looks like a simple estate turns into a nightmare that involves murder, international art theft, a pregnant stripper, a money-grubbing heir, a reclusive neighbor, and a cute cop who knows when he's beat. Will Sarah survive the experience? Sure, if her manager doesn't kill her first.

The Heat Is On is available as a Kindle ebook only.

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